New App for Clients!

Since I want to support you thoroughly, I’ve recently signed on with a new app called Therachat. This app will allow me to stay connected with you even between sessions. It’ll be an excellent way for you to stay strong and keep working on your narcissistic abuse recovery even when we’re not actively having a session – and it’ll allow me to send you info and coaching assignments. PLUS, it has a guided journaling feature, among other awesome things. Stay tuned for more information!

Why I Chose This App:

Faster progress
Through the mobile app, clients are reminded to do work in between sessions that will help them progress faster and implement the lessons learned in coaching.

Being reminded to journal
Therachat makes it easier for clients to stay on top of coaching goals and incorporate journaling into their daily lives.

It encourages self-reflection and takes away the hassles of having to remember to make time for journaling by regularly sending quick prompts straight to clients’ phones.

Being aware of emotions
Therachat helps clients being aware of their emotions by prompting them to track it regularly. Over time clients will understand better what they are feeling and how to identify those feelings



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