Hi there! I’m Angie Atkinson. Thanks for checking out my coaching services.   I am so glad you’re here. If you’re looking for personal, one-on-one support in your narcissistic abuse recovery, you’ve come to the right place. You can learn more about my narcissistic abuse recovery coaching process and philosophy here, or you can scroll down to schedule your appointment. Please be sure to read all of the information about how the process works. If you have a need to speak to me sooner than you’re able to schedule or you have questions about scheduling, please reach out to my office manager Melina at melina.a.moutria@gmail.com and let her know what you need. 

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Please note: In addition to private coaching, I offer many free and lower-cost ways to get help with your narcissistic abuse recovery process because I understand that not everyone can afford personal coaching, whether due to financial abuse or other financial struggles. I’ve been there. If you’re in that situation, you might like to join one of my free online support groups. The groups are incredibly active and engaging – and our members and admins are wonderful people who truly care. Better yet, they are survivors of narcissistic abuse themselves. Learn more about my tree narcissistic abuse recovery support groups here.

Check out my free resources page, too. You can also text ANGIELIVE to 33222 to be notified of my free interactive video coaching live streams on YouTube, and/or subscribe to my channel and be sure to turn on the bell notifications.

  • *IMPORTANT: If you are scheduling for LESS THAN 48 hours in advance, you must select the emergency option. If you don’t, you may lose your appointment.
  • All fees must be paid before your session. Sessions will be cancelled if payment is not received before the starting time.
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NEW COACHING OPTION: Can’t find a time that works for you on Angie’s schedule? Work with one of Angie’s assistant coaches at a slightly reduced rate. These coaches are also survivors of narcissistic abuse, not to mention certified life coaches who have additionally trained with Angie to help you during narcissistic abuse recovery. Meet the coaches here. 

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