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Our simple recovery-matching questionnaire will match you with the best narcissistic abuse recovery program for your needs and situation. Take it now to find out how to overcome emotional abuse and restore yourself!

Note: If you’re doubting yourself right now, thinking that you’re just being dramatic or that this sort of thing just couldn’t happen to you, please do me a favor. Stop for a second. Take a DEEP breath and stretch your body a little. And read this next part very carefully: if you’re doubting yourself and your own perception, chances are this brief self-assessment could change your life for the better. Maybe it’s the thing that opens your eyes, one way or the other. Please be as truthful and honest as you can as you answer the questions.

Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Online Support Progam Finder

Whether you are just entering the narcissistic abuse recovery journey or you’re already knee-deep in the trenches, you are likely looking for something that can help make sense of it all. If you’re like most people, you might have a lot of questions and need help separating fact from fiction. What are treatment options? What is co-morbidity? Is there relationship counseling available? How long does it take to recover? What are the warning signs of relapse? This list goes on and on.

Or, maybe you’ve practically learned enough to earn a Ph.D. in narcissists and narcissistic abuse psychology, but you still need some support and motivation when it comes to your own personal healing. And in either case, you just want to talk to someone who just REALLY gets it … maybe even work with them to heal yourself.  You really need to just…connect.

Have you been in a relationship with a narcissist?

Has it left you feeling broken, depressed, ashamed, and isolated? If so, we can help. You’re not alone, and this is not your fault.

Narcissistic abuse is incredibly common, but it’s also under-acknowledged. Without the right resources and support network, it can be very difficult to move forward and even harder to feel like you have any control over your emotions or your life. Depending on the depth and nature of your relationship with the narcissist, there may be varying levels of psychological and/or emotional abuse through gaslighting, direct and indirect control methods, as well as both hidden tactics and blatant manipulation.

Find Your Match: Which Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Program Best Fits Your Current Stage and Situation?

We’ve created this quiz to help match you with a recovery program that will best serve where you are in your journey toward healing. This test is not intended to act as an official diagnosis of narcissistic personality disorder (NPD), nor does it constitute medical or psychological advice of any sort. It’s simply designed to help you find the right resources for your particular situation.

Start right here. Take this quick self-assessment to be directed to the narcissistic abuse recovery programs and services that will work best for you. Immediately after completing your assessment, you’ll be given resources and connections, If you think you or someone you know may need emergency medical attention due to suicide or other health concerns, call 911 immediately or go to the nearest emergency room.

Just fill out a few questions and we’ll match you to the perfect program.


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