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Here are some ways you can officially join our SPANily.

Our narcissistic abuse recovery support groups are facilitated by certified life coaches and a team of skilled admins who are empaths and fellow survivors.

QueenBeeing.com offers all kinds of resources for support for people who are affected by narcissistic abuse and working on their recovery.  That includes group support. We have both free and inexpensive options. These currently include the following.

Free Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Support Groups

  • Divorce Support for Victims of Narcissistic Abuse – Facilitated by our legal expert, paralegal, and divorce coach Misty Dawn, this divorce support group offers support for divorcing a narcissist, before, during, and after.
  • Shine.Buzz Daily – QueenBeeing.com’s sister site, Shine.Buzz, is all about helping you to raise your vibrations so that you can create the life you truly want. This group is a SPANily group for those who are in the overcoming and evolving phases.

  • Boldly Evolving Empaths (QueenBeeing BEEs) – Facilitated by certified narcissistic abuse recovery coaches Angie Atkinson and Lise Colucci, For those survivors who are ready to thrive and who have passed the discovery and understanding phases and are ready to push forward into the next phase in their lives.

  • SPAN Book Club – Facilitated by SPAN admin Sarah Brown, this group offers you the opportunity to get your intellectual stimulation and share camaraderie over a shared hobby, while alleviating the typical loneliness and isolation suffered by survivors of narcissistic abuse from the comfort of your home.

  • Free Video Coaching –Our narcissistic abuse recovery coaches Angie Atkinson and Lise Colucci each offer free online video coaching sessions through the QueenBeeing YouTube Channels. Subscribe here for Angie’s sessions and subscribe here for Lise’s sessions. To be notified 5 minutes before each coach goes live each time, you can text ANGIELIVE for Angie or LISELIVE for Lise to 33222.

Low-Cost Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Support Groups

Want more personal support? Check out our one-on-one coaching options, right here. 

Life Makeover Academy

Life Makeover Academy is offers free and low-cost online self-help for recovering from narcissistic abuse.

About the QueenBeeing SPANily

Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Support Groups

So many survivors of narcissistic abuse are estranged from their families and are left feeling alone, unwanted, abandoned, and unloved.

We want you to know that you are not alone. We want you to feel supported, welcomed, and loved. And while your SPANily can not fully replace your real-life family, our support groups offer validation of your experience, genuine peer, and professional support. Plus, as a member, you have the ability to communicate with real people who have been where you are or have been, and who understand on a level deeper than most people in your “real life.” This makes these free online groups priceless for so many.

The QueenBeeing SPANily is arguably the best, most supportive, and highly connected narcissistic abuse recovery support group on the web, founded by Angie Atkinson.

The SPANily offers several subgroups and features a vigilant, compassionate admin team full of trained administrators, including narcissistic abuse recovery coaches, related-topic experts, and narcissistic abuse survivors. The team actively and effectively supports more than 50k members.

Related Topic Experts on the admin team include a divorce and legal expert, trauma and CPTSD-informed counselors, NLP (neurolinguistic programming) and CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy coaching) certified practitioners, certified art therapy practitioner, a social worker, psychology experts, and more.

Our Team

Every member of the SPAN admin team is completely made up of fellow survivors of narcissistic abuse who intentionally and actively choose to pay forward their support toward the community that helped them heal, grow, and evolve in various capacities.

In addition to Angie Atkinson, our SPANily admins include certified narcissistic abuse recovery coaches Lise Colucci and Colleen Brosnan, certified divorce coach and paralegal Misty Dawn, along with admins Sarah Browne (who also runs our SPAN Book Club), Zoe Viveca Sumner, Karen Bawden, April Meaux, Social Worker Logen Pierce, Maria Kauffman, Therese Anne, and Richa Chadha. We have admins in time zones around the globe in order to maintain 24/7 admin coverage. Meet the team.

SPAN is an acronym for Support for People Affected by Narcissism. That’s where the term “SPANily” comes from!

Given the volatile nature of narcissists, the SPAN group is confidential and we offer a tutorial on how to hide your groups on your profile.

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