Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Online Coaching

Angie is one of the significant pillars of society who keeps us in the know about how to spot, deal with and overcome narcissistic abuse. Thank you, Angie! 

Emilia Laneman

She is an amazing life coach she helped me so much and her videos related to what was going on. I was part of her chat on YouTube and it helped me realize I didn’t have to handle it alone. And it’s been no contact in June will be a year of no contact. I suggest if you’re dealing with any kinda abuse, get in touch with Angie

James Thomas

A real down to earth survivor! Thanks for coming out of the darkness and shining your light. You give us hope!

Kathleen Ryan Lipscomb

Angie is amazing and has been tirelessly helping so many people. She has touched the lives of so many going through a situation where there is almost no help out there.
Toni Larter Sorrentino

Angie is an Earth Angel. I’m sure her journey is to help so many of us who feel we were losing our minds. Deep down inside we know. Healing and moving forward. That’s what it’s all about. Thank you Angie!

Kristen M.

Thank you, Angie, for doing what you do, You have helped me so much! God bless you.
Tondra Coleman

6 weeks ago, I found Angie’s videos on youtube. 5 weeks ago, I got the courage to divorce my narcissistic husband. Angie is a brilliant, extremely knowledgeable, courageous, informative and helpful woman who has already helped save my life by opening up my eyes and clearing out 8 years of narcissistic head fog I had trapped inside my head. Angie single-handedly helped me discover my truth. I had been denying, and heavily hoping that my husband of 8 years was a narcissist that would change back into the fake man he portrayed himself to be when we first met.. (Mr. Prince Charming.) Its clear to me now, that’s all it really was…. a fake personality, a pretend person, to capture, isolate and fool me. I was trying to chase or hope that man would come back. I now know that is merely impossible and unrealistic now because it was all a facade… it was never real in the first place. I’m excited to begin working with you Angie AND THANK YOU ♡♡♡♡♡

Kara Rogers


Something occurred to me tonight. I am house/dog sitting for my Army buddy. He has a pool. I have been saving tiny frogs that accidentally jumped into the chlorinated pool. Some of them are ok, others are struggling, & some are almost dead.
Some quickly hop away, but others sit, recover, & then hop away.

That’s what you do for those of us who were blessed to find your books & your website. The work you have, are, & continue to faithfully execute is giving survivors a second chance at life. Thank You for helping me to find “dry land’ again.


Jessica W.

I just have no words to explain how Angie has positively impacted my life. She continues to be an inspiration to me and many others in her groups, etc. She is sunshine in the morning, and pure love all day long. She is a wonderful educator in Narcissist abuse, and she really connects with people. She is tops in Narcissist recovery and a genuinely beautiful soul.
Carol Helena

Angie is just the greatest! If it wasn’t for the knowledge I gained from her YouTube channel, and QB website, that helped me to better understand what was happening to me, and why…I wouldn’t have been well enough to continue wanting to live. On top of my Narc constantly beating me down verbally, emotionally, and physically…I deal with symptoms of PTSD from my combat tour in Iraq. Thanks to Angie’s keen understanding, time and resources available, I was able to hold my head up higher knowing that her ruthless, abusive, disrespectful, violent behavior was never all my fault, and that I AM worth something! Even if it that worth was just to me. I had/have an issue of putting too much of my own self worth into what my Narc feels, and says about me. I mean..this was the woman I loved with all my heart, and got married to, so of course, I valued her opinion…on just about everything, let alone me. But when someone special to you’s opinion of you is constantly disappointed and negative over the littlest things for an extended amount of time, you begin to believe that person’s crap they’re projecting out onto you. Especially if it’s someone you’ve given your heart to, and trusted. All the while…you incrementally loose your own sense of self worth to them, making it easier and easier for your Narc to take advantage, and control you via whatever manipulation tactic they’ve found works best. Using her many resources, Angie’s helped me realize all this, which in turn.. gave me back my light, and my life! So Thank you Angie! You’re an amazing person, with the inner strength and beauty of hundreds! So proud and honored to call you a friend!
James Conditt

When I went through my final discard, I was 54 years old. I gave up my career to raise our children so I had no resume, no college degree, no job prospects. Angie’s work showed me a light at the end of a very long tunnel and she was there in person when I needed serious help to keep moving forward. As for my ex Narc, I know what he is now and I recognize others like him. I also know to RUN away from them as fast as I can now. There’s no need to try harder with a narcissist. Now I use all that energy and time on making my own new life and I know I will finally have some peace of mind!
Kim Vaughn

With Angie, is how I got through my most difficult times. She’s very informative and inspirational… I highly recommend that, if you are just getting out of an abusive relationship and you are female that, you look her up and try one on one. You’ll be surprised how much better you’ll feel and you are worth it. Works if you work it!

Dalhia Rosa Gomez

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